It's More Than 4 Arrows

It's A Lifestyle

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This community was created for players all over the U.S.A and other countrys to come together and talk about a game that they love to play, Thats right, DDR! Here you will not be told what not to say because it doesnt directly connect to DDR. If you can somehow connect it to Japanese Culture, Bemani in General, Artists in DDR, Then your fine, Just don't be inconsiderate and go Way too off topic.

This is an open community, So feel free to join just for fun, Try to post every oncea and a while just so the community doesnt die. But most importantly, Have fun with it! This was made so we could talk about something we all love to do.

Please do not spam for other communities here as a post. Dont waste peoples time by posting that you love a community, If you really want people to know about it, Post it where ALOT of people will see it.