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You're DDR achievements...

Hey there (again) lol.
I decided to open a thread where we can all share our achievements at DDR since I did my first AA scores a couple of weeks ago (Those were on DDR Extreme for PS2... I'll try to do the same on the arcade soon). I had my digi cam with me that day so I took pictures of the scores (You can guess I was way too excited about it... lol) and I'm gonna post them so I can share my achievements with ya. You all can do the same if you want... or just talk about you're AA/AAA scores. *Since I'm kinda new at DDR I play at standard most of the time and I haven't AAAed anything. Soon. Hopefully*

First AA: Crash (Standard)

Second AA: Kiss me all night long(Standard)
Kiss me all night long

Third AA (two days ago): Afronova Revenge (Standard)
afronova revenge
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