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*stands up*

I just joined this community... So I wanted to say Hi and make my little introduction...
My name is Shay and I'm a big music freak. I never really got into techno too much... I like extreme music, mostly hardcore rock.. I'm kinda emo, though... I'm pretty shy... So doing this is a pretty big thing for me... so here's the story on how i wound up posting this...

A few days my boyfriend drove down to see me and was telling me that while he was here he wanted to go play DDR Extreme, because its in the arcade down at Boomtown Casino... so I decided I'd go and watch, because they used to have my favorite game, Soul Calibur 2... well... Soul Calibur was gone, and I got bored... so I played with him...
That was three days ago. He left yesterday, and I've been at the casino playing EVERY DAY since then.
Tonight, my roommate and I got on ebay and ordered the pads and DDR Xtreme, so this is about to become a serious thing for us.... And i'm really getting into the techno songs.. so much in fact that i came home and downloaded like 3 or 4 of the songs I've been playing with.

The thing is.. we're both what we lovingly term as FatKids.. I'm 20, and kinda chunky, and she's 26, and the same size as me. Now, my main motive for doing DDR is because its just like crack... super addictive, but will it help us lose weight?

How long does it usually take someone to go from beginner to light? Whats the best games to get for PS2? Should we get 'em all? But yeah... Just wanted to say hey...

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