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Did anyone else run right out to buy Extreme?

Haha, I just got it yesterday. It wasn't what I thought it would be, so I was a little disappointed. But it is a new challenge, so that much is good. (Though, some of the videos are just utterly bizarre). Anyway, that's not what my post is about actually. See, I'm having pad problems. I bought a lik-sang pad...the TX-whatever it was. It was really good. Sturdy and it seemed to hold up better than the soft pads. Though, it's no Cobalt Flux, of course...but, the back arrow is cracked. And somehow I think it's sensor shifted into the middle of the pad because I'll stand there and the down arrow will be flickering. I'm wondering if there's anyway to change the plexiglass covering without destroying the pad...? I don't wanna take it apart and ruin it. So, if you can help, it'll be appreciated!
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